Weekend Rental: Episode 78 - The Gamers LEGO My NES

3 Years of Weekend Rental! There is a very expensive Lego set we are interested in and a very expensive Atari console we are not. Of course 3 years of podcasting memories to share.

Weekend Rental: Episode 77 - The Gamers Rush Mega Man

It's a Buy, Rent, Burn of classic Mega Man games, we refuse to enable Fortnite, and finally fix the Montana roadkill problem.

Weekend Rental: Episode 76 - The Gamers Aren't Ready For Next Gen

Ryan & Andy have a bunch of gaming news to run through, not the least of which the PS5 reveal. Jokes & thoughts a plenty with excitement maybe lacking behind.

Weekend Rental: Episode 75 - The Gamers Go Micro

We discuss the announcement of a product no one was asking for, male pregnancy weight and the TurboGrafx Mini Box.

Weekend Rental: Episode 74 - The Gamers Have a Threesome

All three of us are back together to discuss this weeks gaming news and why the Battletoads arcade game is superior.

Weekend Rental: Episode 73 - The Gamers Hit the Streets


Ryan and Andy speculate on next-gen, get in-depth with 7 Days to Die, and hit the streets with rage.

Weekend Rental: Episode 72 - The Gamers Go Karting

The Gamers have an in-depth Buy, Rent, Burn with some good karting games. Then like usual we go off the rails a bit with some gaming news sprinkled in.

Weekend Rental: Episode 71 - The Gamers Go 64 Bit

The Gamers are running duos this week as we talk about some interesting Nintendo rumors and what we have been playing.

Weekend Rental: Episode 70 - The Gamers Get Down With The Sickness

The world is still a mess but the Gamers are still here discussing the little amount of gaming news trickling out and vent our disappointment that there aren't any gaming cons this year.

Weekend Rental: Episode 69 - The Gamers Go Jousting

Coronavirus and the issues it creates is the heavy discussion this week, but we also see Reggie back and Mario denim.